Heather Becker



With her son Dylan involved with wresting since 2011, Heather has learned a lot about this great sport. Heather and her family have lived in Front Royal since 2005. She loves everything about the mountains and the activities that come along with them. Having such an active family, she wanted a sport for Dylan to play, especially in the winter when there was less to do outside.


When Dylan was nine, Heather and her husband Joe found a youth wrestling program through Warren County High School. Her husband began coaching for the youth program and she was always at every event trying to learn the rules, volunteer to help, or to wipe away tears after tough losses. Heather quickly learned that wrestling is not like any other sport. It teaches you to take responsibility for your own wins and losses all while still being a part of a team; it also teaches a child strategy, technique, and dedication. Because of all these great things wrestling has to offer, she wanted to be involved with a year-round wrestling program in her community. She has dedicated her time to a few wrestling programs since 2011 and is excited to be an Outkast Wrestling, Inc. board member.