Rudy Thompson


“Designer / Specifier by day”

Rudy is a former graduate of Warren County High School (Class of 1993) located in Front Royal, VA where he was a multi-sport athlete (wrestling,football, baseball, and Tennis.  Although, it wasn’t until his Sophomore year that the sport of wrestling found him and since that day, he has been “hooked” on wrestling.

Rudy has spent many years in the stands and in the corner at many wrestling tournaments, and practices helping coach his eldest son and his teammates during their wrestling careers.  When his son graduated from High School, one of his daughter's began wrestling.  Again, you would find Rudy in those familiar places.  His involvement in wrestling wasn’t over when his daughter graduated either.   Little did he know that he would have another wrestler in the family with his youngest son Tristan being involved with the Warren County Mat Cats (a seasonal youth wrestling program).  Soon after, Rudy found himself, again, in those same familiar places.  After the first year of Mat Cats, Rudy began coaching the youth program as the previous coaches embarked on a new venture called Outkast Wrestling which would provide a year-round option for wrestlers.  He then enrolled Tristan into the program.  When the Mat Cats programmed ended, Rudy made his way over to Outkast where he would just volunteer on an as needed basis.  Seeing the progress of everyone involved and trusting the process, he knew that this would be a place not only for his son Tristan, but for many wrestlers, and for many years to come.  It was then that Rudy decided that he wanted to be more than just an occasional volunteer, he wanted to be a part of something great and divulged his time with several others to the formation of Outkast Wrestling, Inc. where he is now Treasurer.


I like to take pictures, make videos, and play video games.